Remote Healing

Since the beginning of 2023, Zeb and Sita have been conducting remote healing as a couple using various ceremonies to help individual people as well as the collective community. The specifics of what and how they do the ceremonies are not important to share, but they are based in tantric and vedic practices to work and move energy.


Their guru recently told them to offer their work to the collective, for donation. They are opening up this work for anyone who needs it.


Sita PK

How To Sign Up For Our Remote Healing

Sita PK

Use the payment link below to send the donation. You can enter any amount you choose. There is a space for the persons name who needs healing if it is not the one buying or the name on the card making the donation. The donation is for the next availible ceremony and not on going. If you need ongoing support contact us and we will discuss so we know how long to include the person.


The specific issue or concern is not needed, just the name of the person and we’ll work with the energy.

The next ceremony is 14 July.