You are a work in progress….we all are. You’ve come to the right place and didn’t find your way here by accident.

If you are reading this, you are someone who values spiritual development and consciousness, and are willing to do what it takes to heal and grow yourself, as well as help others as much as you possibly can.

You are a deep person who requires Truth in everything that you do. When you are faced with untruths, you feel it deeply. For a long time you questioned yourself, but now you are realizing that perhaps your senses have been right all along. Maybe you aren’t crazy after all?

You are seeking to feel fully integrated as a spiritual being living in human form. You are seeking to feel like you have the ability to stay centered no matter what life throws your way. You seek a healthy body, emotional stability, spiritual growth, an intuitive mind and a thriving life.

You feel ready to make bold shifts in your life and to experience yourself in new ways. You are ready to start creating from a place within yourself, where you feel consistently impactful in the most positive ways.

Did I mention that you’ve come to the right place and didn’t find your way here by accident?

What happens when you don’t live according to your True essence?

You start to experience symptoms like anxiety, depression, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue, just to name a few.

Some people see dis-ease in the body/mind as being a kind of punishment for being out of alignment, or karma for wrong thinking or doing. In Truth, it’s really the intelligence of your system alerting you to go inside and explore and to elevate and expand.

What results are you looking for in your life?

Healing physical issues?
Clearing old emotions and behaviors?
Starting or growing your healing business?
Romantic relationship concerns?
Growing exponentially?
Looking for spiritual mentorship?

You didn’t end up here by accident….Sita can help.

Meet Sita Severson

Sita has been there…she has lived through a wide range of experiences that took her to the darkest places within herself. Addiction, miscarriage, divorce, financial crisis, obesity, codependent relationships, sexual assault, and the death of loved ones. These days, she is an (almost) empty nester, blissfully married, stable empath, and dog mom who owns a yoga studio in San Diego with her husband, Zeb. She is living her dream life and has been for years.

Some of her hardest work was to be the woman she needed to be to receive all the blessings that life has to offer.

  • To develop self-esteem so she could be fearless 
  • To trust her intuition with unwavering faith
  • To take care of her body like the temple that it is 
  • To prioritize her marriage and family and 
  • To have her daily sadhana (spiritual practice)

If you asked her, she would say it wasn’t easy but it was simple. “There is a road map dictated by the body, mind, and spirit that is always calling us home to ourselves. There is a way that we all fit into the Cosmic Tapestry, and once we lean into that, we can unlock our deeply held potential that is often protecting itself within,” says Sita

Sita has effectively supported thousands of people to heal and grow all over the world. She would be honored to help you. She sees the Divinity within you and wants to help you bring it out. 

If you are committed to your growth and ready to get started, you can schedule your session with Sita here …. 

How To Work Together

1 On 1 Sessions

In a one on one session, you will receive clear, intuitive guidance and healing, as needed, to help propel you forward in your life and on your spiritual journey. Gain insight around your most pressing questions. Receive healing energy to ignite you.

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Take Yoga From Sita

Regular online classes to help you master your energy and connect with your own inner guru. Śakti Kriya Yoga, Breath work, Meditations, Chanting mantra, courses, and so more! 

OnGoing Work

Sita uses her psychic and empathic skills to tune into the places where your energy is leaking or blocked causing stagnation in your life. The ongoing work is also great for those who are simply wanting to connect to their next most expansive version of yourself.

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Tools and Methods Used

Psychic analysis
Prescribed mantras
Jyotish astrology
Sound medicine
Yoga Nidra
Pranayama (breathing techniques)


Yoga Asana
Plant medicines (herbal remedies)
Essential oils
Microdosing support
Energy healing

Creating your daily spiritual practice
Daily routine according to your natural rhythms (dinacharya)

Voice tuning
Multi-dimensional life map
Movement medicine
And many more…