Life effects you every day emotionally, psychologically, and more importantly in your energy body. The energy body (think Chakras) is a dynamic connected system and when traumatic or profound experiences happen in our lives it can change how efficiently our energy as a system is functioning. This could be tribal patterns, traumatic events, family of origin influences, or even just everyday stressors from life.

In this course Sita PK will take you deep into your energy, one Chakra at a time to unlock your energy potential and make your system functioning in an effective and efficient manner. There are over 8 hours of video and 7 hours of audio in this course. Members can ask questions during the course with Sita directly through a facebook group as well!

Your Instructor

Sita PK

Sita PK is a life long psychic, empath and channel. She has continually gone deep in her work so she can elevate her skills professionally and impact her clients more efficiently. Throughout her career, she’s had over 10,000 sessions with clients and has clients, experts in their own right featured on Hay House, Om Times, Kripalu, The Shift Network, Wisdom From North and Gaiam. Katy and her partner Zeb Severson founded Live With The Lights On and Lead With The Lights On for professionals and leaders.

About The Course

  • Learn

    8 lessons covering the 7 main Chakras and the 8th which informs this life your in

  • Video

    Each lesson is has over an hour long video lecture from Katy (Over 8 Hours total)

  • Audio

    For Chakras 1-7 there is an additional hour long audio lecture to accompany the vidoes

  • Study

    End of lesson questions for you go deeper at your own pace and depth

  • Meditation

    Every lesson has  up to 2 downloadable meditations for you to practice throughout the lesson duration.

  • Support

    Once you’re a student you get access to a closed Facebook group for you to ask Sita questions directly.

  • Pioneer

    Is course is only offered here or on The Shift Network. This is Sita’s own unique process to guide you through.