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Energy Mastery

How We Can Work Together

1 On 1 Sessions

In a one on one session, you will receive clear, intuitive guidance and healing, as needed, to help propel you forward in your life and on your spiritual journey. Gain insight around your most pressing questions. Receive healing energy to ignite you.

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Watch On Sita TV

Regular online classes to help you master your energy and connect with your own inner guru. Kundalini Yoga, Breath work, Meditations, Chanting, Cosmic Forecast, courses, Q+A’s and so much more! 

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OnGoing Work

Sita uses her psychic and empathic skills to tune into the places where your energy is leaking or blocked causing stagnation in your life. The ongoing work is also great for those who are simply wanting to connect to their next most expansive version of yourself.

On Demand Courses

Growth at your fingertips, on your terms. If you prefer flexibility while maintaining impactful insights and “ah-ha’s” then you’ll want to check out the On Demand Courses to take you deeper.

Group Coaching

Intense ongoing  work in a group setting. There is power in numbers. Group coaching is always an experiential and fulfilling way to bring your soul to life in new ways while enjoying the benefits of growing with like-minded people.

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Inspirational Books

90 Days to Multi-Dimensional Living is a series of 4 books filled with inspirational paragraphs from Sita’s morning meditations over the course of a year. These books include weekly exercises and an invocation for each inspired writing. 

I’m Sita.

Formerly Katy Bray, a lifelong seer, energy worker, and gifted empath.

My direct and loving approach has been transformational for my diverse clients.

Guiding them to achieve their next level consciousness.

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